Friday, August 26, 2011

Pots under influence of tea -after firing

Few posts back, I have putted up here a picture of fresh, unfired teapot. I commented it as "I have been drinking too much Chinese tea lately...good for you my new, little baby" Now I would like to show you this teapot after firing. It is with me already few weeks but I didn't find a time to share some pictures with you. (Those weeks were filled with work - we were lecturing few workshops for people, who wanted to learn more about natural glazes and woodfiring. To teach them our experiences and share techniques we use was inspiring and we hope to continue in the future)

As you can see here, I have decided to fire this small pot in the first floor of the kiln, where we use the charcoal technique. And yes, I like footprint of plants on some of my pieces. After experimenting with several different herbs (from our neighborhood), the horsetail seems to be the best. And what is more, it has become very unpleasant weed on our garden, so to use it in wood kiln helps a bit to keep our garden clean.  

At first, I was not quite sure what kind of glaze-surface I should use on this pot. Finally I have leaved the interior unglazed. On exterior you can see slip made of ash, kaolin and titanium dioxide…

After firing...

Time to time I decide to try new teapot with tea - to see how new pieces works. How particular clay, fire, glaze and shape combination works with leaves. 

Here I went for 07 Da Hong Pao from Gingo. Five grams of this very nice treasure from Wuyi Mountains were enough to make my day deeper. This is DaHongPao as I like it- full bodied, roast is strong but not overwhelming. 

Flowery-honey fragrances and strong aftertaste were with me from the very beginning. All is starting from first infusions and (if you are in the right mood) it can be pour and enjoyed like for ever…

The surface of the teapot reminds me one hundred years old relic, buried in the mud. But light and quite smooth interior tells the true – it is bright new pot with its life ahead of it.     

Under the steam...
Thanks for reading...


  1. Petře, dlouho jsem u Vás nebyla a hned mne do očí praští tato konvička. Je dokonalá!

  2. Hi David, I am glad that you like that piece. Thank you.

    Janina, jsem rád že ses tu zastavila a že se konvička líbí. Dokonalá je pro mne asi příliž silné tvrzení:) U každé věci vidím (v lepším případě) co by mělo být jinak-lépe. Přesto, děkuji. Ať se daří!