Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To slow your tea down...

This tea session was insired by post on one of my favorite tea blogs..... "...drink tea and enrich your life. "

Time- an early morning in late summer. The autumn was already in the air...
Place- heart of the Europe. Under birch threes on our garden...
Water- tap water. Running there from uplands around...
Fire- old camping gas cooker
Tea-  1998 Gan Xiang Jiu Yun cake...
Pots - teapot specially made for heating water. New clay labeled as suitable for cooking- unglazed inside. Then bigger but delicate cup, plate and stoneware flask for water...
Flowers- natural lawn around...
Music-   birds...
Just half-filled teapot Is going to be enough...

Yes, charcoal fire is nicer and probably better for tea then this gas time. The teapot already survive
repetitive fire, and that is good. After many trials here is finally clay which seems to work. 
Waiting for the tea...
...I look around exploring hidden beauty.
The brew is thick and tasty
Something sweet before second "infusion"?
The flask, created by our friend, was given to us many years ago...nice for cold water.

To enjoy tea this way is worth to try. If you will choose proper time and place, water and fire, tea and pots, flower and music then you will smile then as I did. I believe in it.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Petr,
    Great ambiance. Beautiful teacup. Respect for a strong teapot.
    And waiting for your charcoal stove:)

    Sorry if it is stupid question, but I would like understand correctly - do you boil that tea?

  2. Aneybo,

    Thanks. Charcoal stove is on the list for near future.

    I put leaves in to cold water-teapot and slowly warm up to boiling temperature. Then pour it in to the cup. The tea has to be the right one for this.

    Enjoy your day

  3. thank you for that answer. Now I see I should just follow a link in your first phrase:)

    I wonder about a secret of your teapot. I did some kettles for charcoal heat but I was afraid to put one on an open flame. congrats

  4. Roughing it with the pottery; as opposed to dainty fine chintz.

  5. Hi Andrzej,

    sorry for delay- I missed the clay question in your comment. The "secret" is the clay I used here. It is one of few German clay I use-try. There is some cordierite instead of grog and they sell is as "kitchen ware clay". I will send you name and number of it. It works better when under fired.

    Seule771- thanks for stopping by