Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The "French Autumn" sets II -after firing

We were again very busy in our studio and I couldn't found few minutes to take pictures of those new "French sets". Today I finally did it...

This post will be again more about pictures then about words. I hope you will enjoy them. Every question, observation or comment is welcome. For now just let me say that the French clay, which we have brought from our trip, is not only very nice to work with but also wonderful in the fire. I like the almost black -rusty color. But as I have expected it is not for the hottest parts of our kiln. We fire pretty high and also in quite strong reduction. And this combination is usually crucial for high iron clay bodies. We use several clays with similar iron base like this French one and we have to fire them in colder parts of our kiln. You will see on few pictures below what may happen if such clay is over fired in heavy reduction. It is walking on the edge...

Without glaze...

 Seeing pieces like this I often recall a Masakazu Kusakabe's exclamation during unlouding kiln with him " Look, look - such a wonderful crack! So natural"

Thank you for reading.


  1. What a beautiful set of pots! Not a bad test run at all if you ask me, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you both !

    Bev : You know, I am not happy seeing cracks on my work but on other hand, when one involve imanigation, there is a lot of beauty in them.

    Happy day

  3. Hi, do you made kintsugi on such nice pieces ?

  4. Hi Tsubo,

    I haven’t tried those techniques yet. As a potter I usually take pot-live as it comes...but who knows what future is going to bring? Thanks for stopping by.