Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gem number Ten- Blue Jasper

That is right, collection is complete. I already have Gem Ten. Actually I already have Gem Eleven, which is going to repalce the Gem n.1 named Frozen Waterfall. For me, to look back at those ten pieces is quite interesting  I can easy asociate each pot with particular firing. Bygone spring, summer, fall... As the colection has grown, some of my dear readers started to reserve their favorite pieces. This is also case of the Frozen Waterfall... I couldn't help to myself and as Gem number ten I choose kindred piece. It is not only also teapot, but it is created from the same clay and glazed in the same ash glaze. I wish you will enjoy those new pictures I made.

For more pictures of this new piece please visit this page. If this "Ten Gem of Ten Kilns" project is new for you please read this post first.

Gem number ten

Thank you for reading!


  1. Hello. Great work Mr. Peter, beautiful teapot, very nice piece of your collection. :)

  2. Tak toto je neskutocne krasny kusok! :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful. What about the size of this particular tea pot?

  4. Thank you all.

    charlotte: It can hold around 130ml.

    Happy days!

  5. I like the Blue Jasper and commented / reference it on my blog to do with tea on wordpress. Thank you for the continued inspiration offered me. Happy holidays Petr. I am not sure what next year holds for the likes of me; ending this year is most sad for me...I am not talent enough and I spoil or try to spoil others. sorry!