Monday, January 13, 2014

Pots and Tea Club- Openning!

Pots and Tea Club

I am going to try new project this year. I am going to open new blog with label "Pots and Tea Club". The name suggest that it is linked to this original Pots_and_Tea blog. "The Club" means here that it is going to be for those of my readers, who are more interested in my ceramic work then our tea/teaware musings.

  I never wanted to burden this blog with sales, offers or any bussines related things. I would like to keep it this way. New "Pots and Tea Club" is here for you, as a clean and simple way how to see and  reach some of our new creations. Time will tell, but I would like to make it more then just a "sale space". If you are curiouse to see how it works, please visit this new page. Thank you in advance for any comments, suggestions or ideas how to make it better!

 Every morning, something new is coming...

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks for asking. Now I the link should work, all is write here.

    Hope it s not too complicated:)

  2. Very good idea! Although I enjoy the musings as well. But good not to muse with shopping too much in mind. :)
    The link works well and it seems not complicated.

    1. Thanks Becca! I dont have a problem to keep musing:) I just have to find more time for that...Thanks for joining the club.

  3. Good luck with it all. Unsure of what to say or not. I was to be reviewing of tea for a book last year but I failed and simply loss everything. I allowed another to win or used it as excuse to not attempt the book.
    I mean to say that self publish is simply that; others do not read such things unless they are from genuine publisher like Penguin Books, Double Day Books, and other publishers.

    I can see why having site for simply purchasing of tea wares. It keeps nonsense like myself out. I loss all of my hair some months back and never to return.

    I have not learn is what I mean to say. Best with it all.

  4. It is good to here your are opening new blog with label "Pots and Tea Club". Hope this blog will be about tea pots, teas and quite interesting and informative. Where i could find the new link and when we can write.

    1. Hi Ben, To see more about this project just "klik" on the "Pots and Tea Club" page of this blog. If you would like to be in you can just send me an email to

      Thanks for your interest!