Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back in Clay

Hello everyone! It have been a while...I am back from The Taiwan trip for a bit more then week now. All experiences are still alive in my veins, but my fingernails are already clay dirty. Tonight, we close and switch on our bisque kiln. We are going to fire our woodkiln next week. The best from that firing is going to be with us "on show" in tearoom in Wroclaw, Poland, next weekend. And I would like to write here about all of it, at least a bit. But step by step...

-I still have two gems to photograph and share. Two pieces from two "before Taiwan" kilns for my gem collection. I hope to post it here in a week.

-There is also selection of "the best of" pieces for potsandtea club. I am going to take pictures and share them with members of the club in few days. Many of you are interested in being in, unfortunatelly the blogger does not work as smoothly as I thought it will be. And many of you have a trouble to open that page. I have a solution and it will change with the new post.

-Then, there are some notes and pictures from the Taiwan roads, which I would like to put it together in some kind of article or two during upcoming weeks. From refined Wistaria teahouse to Tea Sage Hut light. From fragrant cups in Taroko gorge to sweetness of tea brews in Shan Lin Shi bamboo forest. And potters, we can not forget potters out there! And people. New friendships are most precious treasures we bring from our travels. 

Leaves for Sun Moon Lake hong cha are tasty...

Organic tea bushes in Pinlin area...

Leaves for baozhong are resting, the pickers are just having lunch time...

Withering on public road of Pinlin

Bugs on tea leaves are good sign.

Kiln openning near Yingge...

- We have new ceramic stoves, braziers for heating tea water. With iron cast grate inside it is quite special. So yes, blog post about those is coming soon as well.

-And many other pots_and_tea related things to share. Teas I drink, cups I drink from. From Taiwan, I flew with Emirates airlines and they generously allow 30kg luggage + carry on. Well, I was almost 10 kg overweight. And believe me, there was not much of "not pots and tea" stuff.

Spring is always intense season, and probably not just here, in the middle of Europe. But this time, for me, there are many strong inspirational impulses. For both my work in clay and personal, everyday live. I feel gratitude. I do what I love to do. We can call it happiness. Thank you for being part of it.

Back home...
Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you for confirming that bugs on tea leaves is a good sign. I wish I could grow my own but being in the US, that's hard. I'll just stick with my english breakfast tea from my mug. But great blog post!

  2. That is the funkiest pink caterpillar I have ever seen. Sounds like an amazing trip!

    1. Yes, that one was funny. It was only visible living creature on inside withering area of 6*10m of leaves. Happy guy:)

  3. Please let me know when your new items are available. So enjoying my shibo :-)

  4. Hi all,
    I always prefer the smooth texture to the rough pottery as it seems more modern; or usable.
    I am struggling with living; too many hardship and hurdles that I refuse to overcome. When I see others not struggling at all or complaining and not changing a thing. I have many bills and no income; others are earning when they have next to no bills. It is not that they are smarter or anything ; it is simply the way things are.
    I am enjoying Arizona ice tea from the can, purchase for .99 cent. Things are so very bad and never to improve. Never and not because I insist but simply it is how it is. One must pay back if ever expected to go forward if ever others allow for this. Happy tea to all.