Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, new blogging attitude...

spoiler note before you start the reading: all pictures here are from my November trip to WuYi and Yixing, where I went with my dear friends from Global Tea Hut

   As many others tea senior blogs , also this one is slow and pretty quiet for some time now. Maybe all have been said in the vast ocean of teablogs. Or maybe people just drink more and talk less. As for me, I personally prefer tea silence over tea talk more and more...

YanCha in bloom...smell of heaven!

But! Tea is about community, sharing and join-joy as well....

So we talk
and share
and lough
and argue and engage in trifling tea-fights all the time. But just less on blogs,  I guess other social media rule the world these days....

Actually, tea table is my favorite social medium of all times! What is yours?

Anyway, back to this  Pots and Tea blog. I honestly do not want to give this space up (yet). I like the idea of more stable online space where I can share my "pots and tea" stories. Just to make it work in my recent live schedule, some changes have to be done...

First of all, my blog post, from now on, will be shorter but more frequent. My wish is to post here one, two pictures every week. Some kind of "the best weekly", from what happened in our studio, new teaware from our kiln or interesting teas from our tea cabinet. Tea-teaware travels, exhibitions and so on...

The First Yixing pot in progress...

Yes, Dragon Kiln! Where magic happens...

Then there is our Ten Gems "ten gems of ten kilns" project was really fun and I can not emphasize enough how I appreciated your support. It was kind of cool "game", there was always live discusions about each new addition to the collection. It helped me to be focused on refining skills with every firing and and still gives me so important feedback on my own past work. But I am not able to keep it running anymore and the collection was not updated for a year now. So lets change it!

"Ten Gems of Ten Kilns" project is closed now! I send a notification email to all who reserved pieces from that selection and I will send those pieces over with good vibes...

Gem Number Twenty Six, enjoying view at a valley in the WuYiShan...

But I still would like to put aside "the best" of each firing. For exhibition reasons or future hindsights. However, all that without posting that regularly with no pressure when and how to share it with others. First piece to that New Gem Collection is already aside and I will be happy to share it with you. Sooooo....ooon

And finally our Pots and Tea Club- well, there is not many changes in this chapter. Just that we are still tuning that up. But it is already working (almost) smoothly (especially when we consider that it is run by two potters and not by group of IT experts) And it is a lot of fun. And ton of extra "not clay" work. But we receive a lot of support which is more then rewarding. Thanks for that! If you are not in yet, just send me an email to and we will explain all in details directly.

Sitting under Buddha...

Be in touch soon...

Thank you for reading!


  1. Like the last photo :)
    Maria V.

  2. Your blogging style is great. Hopefully you will post often, I will follow your blog. Keep posting!

  3. Kyla,

    Thank you for your supportive words. I will try to write more regurarly:)

  4. I also have sort of a new year resolution of writing more. So please be my role model :-) I will also be in touch about getting some of your beautiful pieces to America. I've been getting so many inquiries about when we could offer more of Petr Novak artworks. They piled up to make me feel guilty if I don't act sooner :-p


  5. i love tea really appreciate your hard work Thank you very much shearing that post.

  6. Such a good and nice post. You did really good and I love overall look of the place. Do share more details with us on this.

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