Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charcoal in pots

This week we fired the last kiln of this year and as usually it was very exiting time. When we started loading, after two days of glazing, the temperature was falling down and snow slowly fulfill bowls and cups waiting to be loaded.
here you can see 60ml teapot bottom up supported by yunomi

This time we decided to try new technique. New technique for us but used by many potters all around the world. When the kiln was prepared to be closed and temperature reached its peak, we opened small window. In the kiln was around 1300°C and we saw pieces in white heat as on the table. Then we throw charcoal in to the kiln. Directly on, in and around pots...We selected only two kiln shelves for this. It was very exiting as sparks shouted around us to the snowdrift. 

Mirka closing the kiln...

And now, kiln is cooling down. We try to be cool and pretend that we are not nervous to see how many damages and treasures we are going to find yesterday, unloading the kiln. If there will be any suitable teapot, decorated by charcoal I would like to use it for charcoal roasted oolong from my reserves. I look forward to it.  

The heat from the kiln is still melting the snow on the roof...Is the stalactite going touch the ground?


  1. Very atomspheric scene!
    Please share with us your hard work from this firing. Happy Holidays!

  2. Happy to see you've started you own blog! Looks like this was a very special firing... fire and snow, charcoal and... I hope you post some picures of what came out! Veselé Vanoce!

  3. soupursu- I am glad that you are interested. I will post some pictures of results soon

    cajChaj- It is nice to find you here. Yes, it was special firing. And also, as you may be realized from pictures, in new kiln in our new place. We hope you will visit us someday there. Pictures are coming...Pascuas de Navidad