Thursday, December 23, 2010

New cup and new tea

I thought that the last post  was the last one in this year. But when I got new tea and new tea cup I was so happy that I decided to sit down behind my tea table, take few pictures and share that with you.

                                New cup and new tea- what a nice combination.

50ml porcelain cup, with cooper oxide decoration

 The creator of this cup is Peter Fulop . The Hungarian potter living in Ireland for so long time that we can easy call him the Irish. His work is as magical as Irish countryside where he is living. I find this small cup visiting Daniel Klasek who runs, with his wife, e-shop with tea and tea ware. They are going to offer tea ware from Peter Fulop and I was happy to be the first customers who bought something from him there.

Gao shan Luanze Oolong-Bi Lu Shi, Taiwan- Autumn 2010


 The tea has arrived in box from Taiwan- as a gift with tea I ordered from Stephane Erler

 I have opened sealed bag with this tea yesterday and put it in to porcelain tea caddy.

I was impatience and during the evening I opened the caddy several times. Fragrances were each time getting stronger and more complex. Sweat cream, light vanilla…I am usually not sentimental about Christmas but I  started to look forward to it. 

I have to say that I am not a big fun of  Gao Shan teas. Very often those vanilla and sweat fruits fragrances are too aggressive for me. But this one is clean, balanced and full in taste. I also enjoyed purity of liquid. White porcelain cup helped to enjoy this purity.

Part of the package from Stephane was the Christmas card. I like it very much

Even though all infusions were sweat with pleasant bitterest, the tea was so strong that after third infusion I had to take a break. The tea withstands more then me…I have continued with it later.

Leaves are strong, a little broken and still nicely smelling…

Thank you Stephane for your tea Thank you Peter for your nice work.


  1. Beautiful photos!
    I tried searching for some pictures of Peter Fulop's works as soon as I learned that Daniel Klasek is going to start selling them, but I haven't found those pictures that much interesting. This teacup, however, is really charming (plus it seems really small and I mostly prefer drinking tea from such small cups)
    I'm really looking forward to see more of his works on!

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  3. Thank you Michal,

    The Peter Fulop's selection is not online, yet So If you are interested then wait for a while or ask Daniel Kl. directly. If I remember correctly there were few small cups like my one (but I chose the best one of course:)


  4. These cups and the awesome collection of Peter Fulop's collection is what I was searching for lst couple of days. Thanks for providing such high quality pictures publicly for all of us.