Monday, January 24, 2011

After fire...

I work in clay for more then twelve years now but every firing and every unloading is still exiting time. New things are born, new mistakes to learn from show up...and it was the same this time.

So how was the first firing of the year? And what the teapot which I have shows you? 

The ash glaze really supriced me...but in good way

Although this time there were more unexpected damages the teapot was blessed...
There were two ash glazed teapots and in the midle you can see celadon one...

When I put it on one of the Mirka's small tea boats I find that it fits there quite naturally...

The boat is also from porcelain, with thin shino glaze on the bowl and fine, almost white celadon on the stand.
I like the uneven colors, pinky where the ash glaze was thin and yellow green on the top where the glaze was thick. The thin porcelain body moved in the fire and the lid does not fit as good as I wish...
For now I am still not sure which kind of tea will initiate this little one...any guesses?

What make us happy are new experiments with charcoal...colors and surfaces which are very warm and pleasant. Here are some pictures..


  1. Beautiful pieces, once again!
    Thanks for sharing the whole creation process of this particular teapot with us; the glaze looks even more amazing than I expected it to be after your previous post. I think it would go especially well with Korean Hwangcha, its color seems just as warm and naturally harmonic as the tea itself.

  2. Thank you Michal, I am glad that you find it interesting.

    Korean Hwangcha is probably good choice! It reminds me that I have still some left something special from Hadong tea gardens from our spring trip...

    Glad that you like cup and TeaMasters tea I have send you:) I have enjoy post on your blog.


  3. A stunningly beautiful set. Thank you so much!