Friday, January 28, 2011

Dragon of the East Sea part I.

Dragons in mythology of Europe are different from dragons of Asia. Dragons of Asia are related to element of water and live under water compare to dragons of Europe with their fires and caves. Even more, dragons here in Europe are connected to the evil but on Far East there are for protection. Dragon brings rain and clouds. Dragon is important for agriculture -for rice, for vegetable, for tea.

When I have visited Korea for the first time the dragon has been given to me.

It is both symbolic and wonderful companion during my more ceremonial tea sections. It is related to agriculture and water. That is what is tea about, don't you think?

   It was very plesant gift from potter and tea master Oh Soon-Teak. Even among Korean potters I met he is extraordinary for me. I had an opportunity to be a part of his tea serving for several times and there was all. He was just preparing the tea for us.

And I was wondering: Is his tea ware so well done because he masterly goes on the way of tea or he understands to tea so well because he masterly goes on the way of tea ware ? 

Those of you who have already hold some nice Korean tea ware know, that there is something what we can call "Korean feeling“. Simplicity and softness. But in works of ....we can see also childlike happiness on details with sophisticated and deeply heartwarming impressions from each piece.

So next time when you will see the dragon on my blog - don't worry, it is here to protect the tea.


  1. I like dragons a lot too. They inspire me strength and power. Paradoxically, they are very gracious and elegant when they fly...

    Except the last picture, the other photos show teapots made by Oh Soon-Teak ?

    Every time I read your blog Petr, it makes me want to drink tea...Thank you again.

  2. thanks for reading,Lionel

    Some more Korean dragons will come...

    yes, last picutre is the tea set from my last firing. The rest are works of Mr.Teak

    enjoy your tea, Lionel

  3. Hmmm, these pots look a lot like bizenware

  4. Welcome MarshalIN,

    Maybe some of them yes, On teapots there is: Touch of fire like on Bizen ware, perfection of craftsmanship like on Yixing ware and when you turn it bottom up there is a Korean butterfly...and you know that it isn't Bizen either Yixing -It is Oh Soon-Teak :)


  5. Oh of course, I was just saying how the colours on the surface with the range from dark red to brown remind me of Bizen. The spouts are a little tapered with a drop at the end though, which make them look different.

  6. Petr,
    Korean teas (and tea wear) are one of my favorite!
    There is something very different and special about the way they prepare the leaves and the special taste the tea receives from this care is very unique...