Friday, July 29, 2011


In one of my older posts I have already writen here about tea samples from ChawangShop. One of the samples I have enjoyed was 06 LiuAn basket tea. And 250g bamboo basket of this tea was also in the package which arrived to our place a couple of weeks ago. The fact that I have ordered whole basket bespeak about my impressions from the sample. But sometime it is very difficult for me to judge a tea from 5-10g sample. So I was really curious what is inside those bamboo leaves...I am going to share my finding about this tea in one of my later posts. For now, I just would like to show you the new "home" of the tea. And its moving there...

 When I was about to break in to the basket I have found out one "complication". The leaves of bamboo are fragile and after few "openings" they are going to be too broken. Tea leaves are going to crumble around and I will have to put it in to a paper back anyway. So it will be probably much more practical to keep it in the stoneware jar which I hold for myself from the last firing.

The jar is unglazed inside. I hope it will have a good impact on the tea stored there. At least I think that the porous material can create affable microclimate for aging of the LiuAn.

Leaves of the LiuAn are not so pressed as pu- ehr cakes but still- I find the Pu-needle helpful also in this case.

I am not sure if in this case (the Anhui HeiCha- not Pu ehr tea) is the Nei Fei the proper name. But this piece of paper pressed inside of the tea was very nice finding indeed.

Traditionally the LiuAn is prepared with small piece of bamboo leave in the teapot. So I have putted several leaves from the original basket to the storage jar. It will be not only my supply of bamboo for entirety of my LiuAn teas. It will be also the right environment for those tea leaves themselves. I mean for aging-storing of the tea.

The jar itself has a decoration created by white slip (clay) on the rough body. During the top stage of the firing it was partly covered by charcoal- I like those marks and footprints, colors and irregularity which this process creates.

Thank you for reading


  1. Very beautiful jar, I'm sure that your Lui An appreciates his new home. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Perfect jar Peter! Im waiting for this basket right now :-) Hope it will be here tomorrow :-) What kind of teapot do you use for Liu An?

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    Brano- Let me know you findings about the tea :) For LiuAn I usually use my stoneware, unglazed teapot. Maybe it is a little bit bigger to call it perfect for this tea but I like how the iron rich clay works with its bomboo-green-aged aroma. Here is the picture of the teapot

    Enjoy your day

  4. Petr, what a beautiful jar!

    I hope you enjoy the Liu An after it's spent some time in your iron-rich clay. I have a similar Liu An tea, but it is too green for me to drink. Maybe in a few years!