Saturday, December 29, 2012

Raw Loose Puerh, mid 1980

Stephane Erler has labeled this leaves as "Mind blowing". Well, who would not like to let his or her mind to blow, right?

Our before Christmas season in studio was more then busy. I decided to enjoy my free, holiday time with somehow special teas. I opened my jars and boxes and have pulled out few too-precious-for-everyday-drinking teas. Teas, which I look forward to try but I save them for the right moment. This was also the case of this loose puerh.

I was wondering, if there is anything what I can ad to Stéphane's descriptions. Regular reader of my blog knows that I am not very good in depict of tastes anyway. I rather prefer to draw down my impressions and my personal relationship to leaves I met. Maybe one day I will be able to write real, honest and objective tea reviews. Till that, here is just next couple of thoughts and feelings...

Dry tea shows to us a mixture of unsorted leaves. Small leaves, big leaves, hairy buds, stems. Leaves are clean of dust. In order to air them up, I have moved them from aluminum bag to my porcelain jar. When I asked my 12 years old niece to smell the tea inside the jar, she pronounced "it smells like forest spring water". I agreed. Fresh water with all those moss-lincen-stone-trees aromas. It has forced me to close my eyes and let my imagination fly...

As big surprice I could probably call the first sip. The taste and mouthfeel was far from what I have expected. I am always pleased when I found new dimension of tea. I think that this is what Stéphane call: "It is like silk on the tongue, refreshing and lively!" and I can hardly express it better.

After that first touch surprice there is not much to say. Which doesn't have to mean that is poor. New brews comes and goes as waves in ocean. I stopped counting and analysed. The taste has not change really, just in time become slowly lighter. Sweet and silky, that is what remains. Complexity from light fragrances, through remarkable taste and mouthfeel to long living after taste.

 The Qi of this tea is.

Testing new kettle with ceramic handle...

I have to admit I have had just few puerhs of similar age, so I don't have too much to compare to. But so far, this is the winner. Real stuff. When you drink pressed teas there is more development through brews. As piece of cake or toucha opens, each brew is different. Loose leave puerh (MaoCha) is fully speaking from beginning.
Some leaves are really big. Notice that the top leave is just a middle part, maybe lass then half of the leave...

 I am glad that we met. Looking in to the jar, I am happy to say that there are leaves for one or two more tea sessions. Thank you very much!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Dear Petr,
    I often find personal impressions, thoughts and feelings like these much more valuable than any "objective tea reviews".
    Happy Holidays, have a great new year!

  2. Hello Peter!

    It seems to me that there is sort of "quantum stuff" going on in tea tasting - the more objective the take on a tea tasting is, the less useful it gets.

    Interesting how green the leaves are.

    Sure sounds good anyway, hope I'll try it too eventually.
    All the best,

  3. Michal, Jakub- thank you for your comments!

    The objectivity in tea testing is quite a topic. It is for very long discussion :) So far, I try to keep my writing honest and my mind open. If anybody finds it interesting, useful or even funny, then great! If not, then, at least, it helps me to clean or settle my thoughts down.