Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ceramic Tea Kettles- in process

I still owe you, my patience readers, next episode of this story. I working on that, gathering new experiences from both creating kettles and stoves as well as using them. I hope to share my findings soon. In meantime, please take a look at four kettles which are drying in our studio right now. All pots still need some polishing before moving to bisque kiln. Pictures from inside studio are not perfect but rather authentic.

Four custom ordered kettles for four customers.

  First one shoudl hold more than one litre. Second requirement was tall, ceramic hadle. My friend, who ordered this one, feels that it is more comfortable this way. As challenging was to create openning wide enough for small hishaku (size of that opening after firing should be, at least, 9cm) and with spout in right position to pour right, without pouring over the rim.

Second one is also around one litre and with tall, ceramic handle. This one will serve for more Japanese way. It will share the stove (which you can see on the bottom of this page) with ceramic kettle, kama-style. I look forward how the kettle will finally sit and work with that Mirka's stove.

Third kettle is with classical back handle and should holds something around 800ml. The customer who ordered this one asked me especialy for back handle. The drawback of such handles for kettles is that those can get pretty hot. One have to be watchful and for a) always put the handle out from the fire to shadow side of the stove and for b) if the handle get hot, then use piece of fabric when brewing. And that is what my customer is going for- the kettle which will train ones awarness.

And finally fourth kettle is going to be even smaller, around 600ml and with rattan hendle. Compare to back handle is rattan very comfortable. I am always a bit afraid how long such handle will last, especially on kettle where one has to count with steam. But my customer, who have ordered it, is right- rattan is quite easy to replace. The broken ceramic handle is bigger problem.

I am not sure if all of them are going to survive the firing. Then I will test them all. And before sending them to my supporters I will be glad to share some pictures here. If you are interested, please stay tune.

And as I have promised, at the end, new Mirka's stove...

Thank you for the reading!