Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gem number thirteen- The Charm

The first firing of the 2013 was full of pleasant surprices. As usually there were pieces which will not be put on any tea table- cracked pieces, glazes running down and sticking pots to shelves or fallen and melted shreds of isolation in cups. Not welcome, but well know occurrences. More important is what have survive.

I have to admit, to choose the gem was not easy this time. There was so many, which I woudl like to share with you and keep home for a while. Finally I decided to go for small shino teapot. It is very small and in its shino clothes it looks like a necklace charm, real gem. Unglazed inside, it will bring more then just shallow beauty.

Before looking at new pot, please say goodbye to Gem number three, to "Lilly of the Valley". This set, with teapot made of Yixing clay and translucent porcelain cups and fair cup, is now making happy one Czech tea lover. And that is good.

For more pictures of this new piece, please visit this page. If the Ten Gems of Ten Kilns project is new for you then please read this first.

Gem Number Thirteen: The Charm

Thank you for reading!


  1. Your work never ceases to blow me away, Petr. I'm glad you don't live in the US because I'd just be handing over my paychecks to you every month. :-)



  2. Thank you both for stopping by!

    Nick, every second month is enough:)


  3. I am at awe/amazement as mentioned from another. I think Wow says it best right in the palm of your hand. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful pot and really beautiful lid!!!

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