Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gems fifteen and sixteen

Before our exhibition, we had busy time. Thanks to long winter and needed kiln repairs we postponed our firing. Mirka has prepared several bigger, sculptural pieces and our studio was crowded with ceramic, waiting there for fire. Finally, We have fired both our kilns twice and, with few exceptions, all turn out to our contentment and joy.

To see pictures  from the opening and to read some thoughts about our concept please visit Mirka's blog.

There are two new gems for my The Gem collection and I am happy to share them with you.

From first bigger kiln I have chose very simple tea jar. Created from technical porcelain it was glazed with high iron, natural slip glaze. I like how ash, which flies through kiln during firing, created yellow-green "hare fur" effect on its face.

The Gem number sixteen is another teapot. New clay which has surprised me in very good way. It is nice to work with and fire love it. Glazed or unglazed, that clay creates lovely colors and fine, silky surface. This teapot is entirely unglazed, with marks of horsetail weed which I put on before firing. It was fired in our charcoal part of the kiln. Covered with charcoal during top temperatures, it is painted with heavy, local reduction. The white mark is where I put refractory clay to separate it from another pot.

And as usually, one more thing...before looking at new pots, please say goodbye to the Gem number five and the Gem number six...

The Nebulae and The Luminous

For more pictures of those new pieces please visit this page. If The Ten Gems of Ten Kilns project is new for you, then please read this post first.

 Gem number fifteen- The Shiny Day

 The Gem number sixteen- The Moon on Cliff


 Thank you for reading!


  1. This "Moon" kyusu is absolutely awesome ! Very, very beautiful, as usual. How big is it ?

  2. Thanks Sebastien. It can hold around 140ml...

  3. Just beautiful! Will it be possible to create "double lid" version of Shiny day jar for some 200 g of very loose tea such as white peony?