Saturday, May 11, 2013

Unexpected visitor

An early morning tea. Sitting outside and waiting for water to boil I saw someone emerge from bank of the stream, which makes border of our property.... 

Rozárka ( Rosalie) lives behinde that stream and this morning she needed some fresh air...

 ...or our fresh green grass was what she was after...

...or maybe she was lured by aroma of shu in my pot?

Anyway, it was nice morning. Thanks for comming dear Rozárka!

Thank you for reading.


  1. Very cute! Is Rosarka a wild-rized domestic pig?

    1. She is cute indeed. She our neighbour's, domestic pig, lives behinde wooden fence but time to time she decide to go for a walk. This it was for a first time when she chose to go through stream. The water has to be to her belly a least:)

  2. When I was able to frequent Cambridge, MA I would shop at one of my favorite food stop: The Harvest Food-Coop and at times upon entering the store someone would shout or call out "pig" "pig" since this happened whenever I would enter this store I figured it was directed at me somehow. These days when we shop they page certain names and I say they manifest somehow.

    Categorized this as crazy talk and my tea of late has been Twinning's China Oolong tea bags.

    People do things and one's reaction is what is deemed guilty or not; or is what is in question. Not the act but how one responds.