Friday, September 14, 2012

Two new Gems

I am late! I am so late that I already have two new Gems to share. First was fired in July, second one then on the end of September. Both teapots have similar nature. Both are glazed in smooth, celadon crackle glaze. But recipes are different and what is more, I have used different clays. It gives you, my inquiring readers, opportunity to compare two siblings. Each has not only different look but also their energy is unique.

For more pictures of the set please visit this page. If this "Ten Gem of Ten Kilns" project is new for you, then read this post first.

Preparing this post, I get into predictable problem. I am not able to take pictures of such light and shiny pieces. At least I am not fully satisfied with any of those shots I made. So, please, use piece of your imagination to  get whole and real image.

Gem Number Six- Luminous 

Gem Number Seven- Quarry Under Jade Water

Thanks for the reading!