Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gems number seventeen and eighteen

Yes, I know. It is already few weeks since I have promised to share here some new teas here and yet, those posts are still not finished. With hope that most of my readers spend their summer time ouside, enjoing holiday in peace, I think that September is going to be a good start for another round of tea writings and readings. My teapots are regurarly caressing by live tea leaves and there are many things I would like to share.

For now, another two gems for my "Ten Gems of Ten kilns" Collection. Summer firings are usually not those best ones. On one hand everything goes more easy- glazing (glazes dry quickly), loading (everything is warm and days are long), firing (dry and warm wood means easier, more efficent heating), all work is easier. Despite of all that, there are usually more wasters or even kilns so called disaster. So yes, also this summer we had such unhappy kiln. Fortunatelly, no matter how many defective works is in the kiln, there are always few pieces which can make us happy. So here they are...

Gem number seventeen is taller yunnomi. For my gem collection, I usually try to pick what is not only exceptional pieces but also pieces which are somehow new and different. In this case it is new glaze, known as "Snow Flake" glaze. Simple recepie but hard to work with and always with uncertain results. I hope that from those picutres you can feel why I choose this cup for my collection. As gem number eighteen I vote for big(ger) storage jar. Uglazed both outside and inside I find it very atractive by its white clay decoration as well as marks of fire. Atractive but not standing out, that how I want my jars to look like. I think that with some maocha or heicha in it, it can make a good job.

And as usually, one more thing...before looking at new pots, please say goodbye to the Gem number seven and the Gem number eight...

Two teapots The Quarry under Jade Water (already living in ones tealovers house in Beijing) and The Rusty Morning, ready to be packed.

For more pictures of those new pieces please visit this page. If The Ten Gems of Ten Kilns project is new for you, then please read this post first.

Gem number seventeen- The Dream about a frost

Gem number eighteen- The Last Cotton on the Field

Thank you for reading