Monday, January 13, 2014

Pots and Tea Club- Openning!

Pots and Tea Club

I am going to try new project this year. I am going to open new blog with label "Pots and Tea Club". The name suggest that it is linked to this original Pots_and_Tea blog. "The Club" means here that it is going to be for those of my readers, who are more interested in my ceramic work then our tea/teaware musings.

  I never wanted to burden this blog with sales, offers or any bussines related things. I would like to keep it this way. New "Pots and Tea Club" is here for you, as a clean and simple way how to see and  reach some of our new creations. Time will tell, but I would like to make it more then just a "sale space". If you are curiouse to see how it works, please visit this new page. Thank you in advance for any comments, suggestions or ideas how to make it better!

 Every morning, something new is coming...

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gem number twenty one

Last regular firing of the year, last gem for my collection. Although I am not that kind of person who celebrate Christmas in traditional Czech or Christian manner I like that closer of the year. New season is coming, light starts to move up. Time to clean studio and prepare ourselves for another round, new days of our lives.

There was several applicants for becoming gem this time. Finally I decided for teapot in Black Magda slip glaze. I like the shape, how it holds in hands and how nicely it pours. I also went for for piece with Black Magda surface because couple of weeks before the firing, we made a trip to refill our stock of this magical clay.

Several years ago, some bag of this natural material was given me by our friend potter Magda (yes, we call it Black Magda for that). Just to make some tests with it...we use it regularly since that, travelling two hundred kilometres time to time, just to dig out some clay in forest on edge of Krušné Hory. Some pictures and notes from recent trip are ready to be share with you, curious reader. But for now, just the reason for such trips: Teapot in natural glaze called Black Magda.

Well, as usually, before taking look at new pictures of new teapot, say goodby to its predecessor in the gem collection: Chawan named FireLand...

For more pictures of those new pieces please visit this page. If The Ten Gems of Ten Kilns project is new for you, then please read this post first

Gem number twenty one: Black Teapot

Thank you for reading!