Saturday, July 13, 2013

Giant Steps- TeaJazz

Being quite busy lately, I have started several posts for this humble blog but still not finished any. Pictures are resting on SD card of my camera, notes somewhere in my computer- for both pots and tea stories. Down the page you will find just an appetizer...mixture of good tea and mastery jazz.

There are several benefits from being teaware potter who loves tea. Drinking tea in direct inspiration for my daily work and creating teaware helps me to connect with tea community. Time to time, a tea friends who sell tea (or are just living under pile of tea) ask me to exchange some of my work for teas. Mostly I happy agree. It give me a chance to touch leaves, which I know just from online stories or even leaves I have not heard about yet. I was engaged by Mr.Hobbes storie(s) about teas from White2Tea. And I was logically happy to hear from TwoDog who run the show there. He ask me about chance for tea/teaware swamp and I was open to go back from our usual "buck system" to good, old barter. I got my package from Beijing few weeks back and I haven't open all treasures yet. But what I have tried makes me happy barterer (if there is such a word). There are very nice and/or interesting teas to write about.

Great music of John Coltrane with my today morning pictures...


Thank you for reading!