Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gem Number Three- Lily of the Valley

Another firing, another Gem to my collection. This time it is not a single piece. I have chose set of three porcelain cups, fair cup and stoneware teapot. To see more pictures and desription, please click-thru and visit second leaf of this blog. If this "Ten Gems of Ten Kilns" project is new for you, then please read this post first .

The gem picking was quite interesting this time. On one hand there were many successful pieces and few really strong candidates. On the other hand I also wanted to Ten Gem represents full body of my work. So after some thinking I end up with the kind of tea set which I recently prefer during my tea sessions. Cups and fair cup are made from translucent porcelain. I would like to continue work with this material, to make it clearer and thinner. I like the contrast between elemental process of woodfiring and clean, ethereal nature of this porcelain. The teapot in this set is kind of story itself and I promise to make whole post here about its genesis in near future. To make you wonder, I am going to say for now that it is made from original Zhi Ni and fired in our wood kiln to around 1200°C

Thank you for reading.


  1. I look forward to reading the story of this pot. Just for the record, I am still deeply in love with the frozen waterfall pot. :)

  2. i met Petr yesterday and gifted me of these teapots, thx Petr, testing one of these teapots this morning