Monday, August 20, 2012

Patty-pan Squash Teapot

We held three ceramic workshops this summer. Rather busy time with many new people and new experiences in our house and studio. The last class was focused on making molds from products of nature as apples, pumpkins, cantaloupes...This class was the only one where an external instructor was needed. When it comes to plaster then we know just basics. Fortunately our friend Ola Hořavová has studied those techniques on ceramic high school and continued on university. She also uses molds and hendbuild techniques in her own ceramic work. She have shared her knowledge with our students for almost a week. All students worked hard (we made them to:)). Thanks to big enthusiasm of all participants we round off the week by firing of our small woodkiln. Clicking here, you are going to open picasa album with many pictures from the event.

 On pictures below you can see one of patty-pan teapots I have made during my demonstration on the workshop. Body of this teapot was shaped in plaster mold. I will probably not use this technique for my own, regular production (at least, not any time soon). Nevertheless, work on teapots this way was more then interesting experience. Teaching how to make teapot I have learn not just how to work with plaster. It also help me to keep my eyes open to shapes growing around us. It is always beneficial to see your own work from another perspective and this was the case. Big thanks to Ola, and to all creative people around us!

Here it sample fresh sheng from Youle...
The Patty-pan which was used for making mold of this teapot was eaten:) So those two are here just for their beauty.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your work is so very original. How do you find what inspires you to continue and do much more. It is uniquely you somehow. the work of Petr Novák.

    Happy teas!

  2. Hi Seule,

    Everyone of us is unique and original.

    Thanks for the support.

  3. Original but not wanted; some origins lessens the persona somehow in eyes of society where you hail from is everything: It can hold you back or hold you up. If unclear: Irish and Jewish, Italians, French Canadians are held upward, and are mobile rooted.

    I am not nice. Thank you.