Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gems number eleven and number twelve

Two new pieces for my Gem collection have been fired during cold days of November. Before I will introduce them, please let me say goodbay to my first two Gems. I am keeping my word. Gem number one, frozen Waterfall, and Gem number two, Thaw pond are going to be replaced by new pieces. Both Gems were reserved very quickly after releasing. Now, they are going to fly to their new homes - The teapot to Shanghai the tea caddy then to Berlin. Big thanks to those new owners, tea lovers, for their support. Enjoy!

There was several questions about "how to reserve Gems" or "which ones are still open for reservation". To make is simple, I have labeled all reserved pieces in Ten Gems picasa album as "reserved". If you are interested in any new Gem and you are willing to wait for about ten months, then just let me know via email. If you are going to be the first applicant then it can be yours.

So far, the whole Ten Gems of Ten Kilns project  works pretty well. To look back, at those few months in shape of teaware, is interesting and inspirational. I feel satisfaction as well as I can see imperfections and possible ways of refinement. It is good! When some of my work has been sold I very rarerly browse through and study pictures of it. But when I have it here, sitting on my shelves then I hold it in my hands time to time and I can judge it from new perspective. So the collection must go on!

And now new Gems. Fiery Chawan and small, gongfu cha teapot. Each pot is destined for very different tea and tea preparation. Both are suitable for rather ceremonial tea sessions and I believe that they are going to serve well. But now, there is still some waiting time...

For more pictures of this new piece please visit this page. If this "Ten Gem of Ten Kilns" project is new for you please read this post first.

Gem number eleven- Fireland 

Gem number Twelve- Cockerel


  1. Beautiful! Fireland chawan has evoked many fantastic thoughts. On the corner it looks like flowing lava from black shiny mountain. It must be pleasant on touch. Soft and smooth?

  2. Very nice additions ! And best wishes for this new year to Mirka and you.

  3. Thank you both!

    Ondro- yes, soft and smooth. Come to visit us for cup of puehrcha and let try to yourself!

    David- Happy 2013 to you too. Your special packege is almost ready to be send:) I will contact you in couple of days.


  4. Nicely done as usual Petr. The world knows of talent such as these lovelies you made.

  5. And Shanghai gladly welcomes Gem #1 ... I guess it is true that good things come to those who wait :)