Monday, April 8, 2013

Gem number fourteen- The End of the Winter

This new Gem is already with us for a while now. I was still waiting for a sun to make pictures, which will make a justice to that piece. But the winter did not want to give up, sky was keeping to be steely grey and some flake of snow have been landing on my hairs even yesterday, seventh of April. But today, the brake is here. Morning was freezy, yet sunny blue. And I know, we will sit on the fresh green grass, sipping brew of fresh tea leaves from 2013 harvest pretty soon. Really looking forward to it!
Till that, enjoy those "End of the Winter" pictures. I can imagine that for some pre-QingMing Dragon Well it would do a great job.

And one more thing...before looking at new pot, please say goodbye to the Gem number four "A Stone behind grass". My friend, who have reserved this piece, is now on his trip around tea gardens of Yunnan. But I  believe that he will steep some 2013 maocha in it soon.

For more pictures of the new piece please visit this page. If the Ten Gems of The Ten Kilns project is new for you, then please read this post first.

Thank you for reading. 

And of course, enjoy some fresh spring teas! As every spring, it is once-in-a-lifetime...


  1. Nice! Looking forward to your new tea ware! :-)

    1. Me too:) We had to postpone new firing- I am not willing to load the kiln under snow again, at least not this year. I will contact you soon anyway.

  2. Earthenware is more like it. Lovely is all.