Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wake up, wake up, wake up!

This is wake up call. It is not addressed to you dears, but this blog was asleep for far too long. And what can be better for waking up then few cups of upright, good sheng!

Autumn is here...

I would like to share with you the newest addition to my pu-collection, tea which I am particularly happy about. It is 1 kg of tea leaves pressed to impressive brick. Yes, 1 kg brick. One thousand grams means also at least one hundred and fifty tea sessions together. 150 tea sessions in front of us! Lets start.

Brick by brick, 1000g of tea next to 100g of tea

Silent Mountain or White Whale, ambient or jazzy, I take them both. 

At first, good friend Tomaš gave me a piece of this brick with his personal label "The Silent Mountain". He added "You might like this. It is from Mengku area and if this is not from wild threes then I do not what is" He was right, I like it. I have to actually admit, it was love at first sip. Pressed in 2006 it is far to be mature, but already far to be called young. Even some time lived in humid Guangzhou does not left much in it, it is clean and bright. When Tomaš told me that he have few of those bricks left for sale, I did not think twice. Now, it is heaviest brick in my tea cabinet.

What to say, what is so special about it for me. It is both light and heavy. In some aspects sweat like some heichas are, but with undisguised power of old yunnan trees. At first, you would not say that it is "punchy" sheng. But with every cup, its vibrant energy is more and more obvious. It is slowly spreading from throat to the whole body, stopping in palms which starts to sweat. Flying mind slowly ease off, becoming quiet. Beautiful.

One of the firsts infusions. Is it just me or it looks silky even on picture?

It is different from most of puehr cha I know. The difference which is obvious on your tongue but how to describe it? I can give a try: Most of puehr cha (of similar age/area) I know can be in taste and fragrance describe as "apricots with flowers around" And this is, well, more like "molasses with blackcurrant fragrance" Ye, it is a bit really clumsy description. I have had just few teas with this character. From what is online on the market I know just about two teas like this. This strapping brick- about availability and price you have to ask Tomaš (his page is still just in Czech but feel free to ask there). Second tea, which I had sample some months ago, is this cake from EoT. This cake is rather costly but try at least a sample, it is absolutely beautiful. I will have to order at least sample of it too, I would like to see those two teas next to each other.

I love this new Mirka's brazier, which I "have to" test. Simple, quiet and working well. 

I hope, we successfully woke this blog up, I look forward to the rest of those one-hundred-and-fifty  tea moments with this tea. And I belive that there will be a chance to share it at live with some you,

 Now small lure for the next time:

Four teapots made from clay which I brought from Sun Moon Lake, back with my from my Taiwan travels. They are going to meet fire this weekend. Exiting.

Thank you for reading!


  1. I met Tomas this year in Cieszyn, Nice guy with excellent stuff. (Good to see you back posting)

  2. Hi Andrzej,

    I felt sorry that I coudl not make it to Cieszyn this year. Maybe next time...

    Thank you for stopping by...I will do my best to post more regurarly, but you know how is it with clay: never-ending story:)

  3. Great post. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. thank you Linda, I am glad that you enjoy it.

      Happy day