Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Red Robe a sidehandle in the serie production


the sidehandle in the serie production...does it look like a batch, series production? Well, I am already for some time trying to create pieces in lines, in a kind of series which can be repeated. As a studio potter and artist, I am finding a lot of joy in creativity, exploring new ideas, designs and techniques. But I am more and more finding also a high value in pieces which are tuned up, work well for their purpose and in certain contexts. And as such can be repeated, bringing consistency to you as a user and, at the same time, giving me a chance to really tune things up by repetition and the routine.

This "Red Robe" small boiling sidehandle is one of those "well proven" products. Aside from making a few over the past year for my dear customers, I also keep one in our personal use. And this piece became quite quickly one of the most used pots (from many:)). Even after more than a year of regular use, I am so happy with its function in my tea practise. So what is so good about it?

-perfect size for one-two people daily drinking, in 350-370ml

-easy to travel with

-simple coloring, shape and surface which fits to various settings and occasions

And last but not least: It is made of clay suitable for boiling. Which means that after a few rounds of my morning tea, it quite often ends up on the stove to boil the leaves directly in the pot. If you like boiled tea as much as I do, you understand the beauty of this feature.

My ideal dream would be to have a few of these always ready, always in stock for any of you who would like to enrich your tea life with such practical toll. I am not there yet, just a few were made and they sell quickly. But I am doing my best, the Red Robe is a good pot to have.

Left handed version

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  1. Why not? There are many masters with unique works of art simply because they can no longer repeat them. And most importantly, this watering can is really beautiful.
    I once read somewhere that the perfect shape is not when there is nothing to add. But when there is nothing left to take. :-)